Aiding talent shortage in construction – how to improve retention post-covid

November 9, 2021

Talent shortage in construction industry has been growing for decades. And the pandemic made it even harder to meet the demand. Since retention begins with recruiting, here is an overview of key factors to consider in search for a sustainable career match.

According to the most recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index, 93% of contractors report difficulty finding workforce. The figure is alarming. The struggles of the pandemic have convinced a lot of talent to retire early, or wait out the hard times in the safety of their own home. The assumption that retention starts with recruiting offers certain solutions to talent shortage in construction, aiding both talent and contractors in finding the perfect executive career fit.

Career guidance

Gen Z, the youngest workforce in the market nowadays, has a new set of requirements in the job market. They seek more flexibility and higher pay than the older generations. The key for successful recruitment and retention is to provide for a long and successful career instead of a one-time gig. But this is tricky, as in practice candidates often have little awareness of the career they could have.

The way to aid this from the recruiter’s point of view is to give talent consulting and guidance on their path through the industry. Candidates with a better understanding of the options they have to advance in their career naturally prove more committed and appreciative of leadership on the job they settle for.

Leadership training

What is an underappreciated but essential aspect of retaining executive roles is leadership training. Next to on-the-job tasks, emerging leaders should be taught skills required to be a boss. This results in a confident committed employee and high executive retention rate.

infographic: 34% of Gen Z expect mentorship from their leaders

Value, safety, comfort

Executives do have an awareness of the value they create. While salary is a substantial factor for them, they increasingly appreciate other aspects of their workplace. Especially post-pandemic, they will be seeking for more predictable, comfortable and safe working conditions.

It is up to contractors and jobsite managers to make these values available as recruiting tools. Injury rate below the national average may be the deciding point on acquiring or losing talent. Building trust is essential in sustainable recruitment.


What is sought after in workplaces across industries is the element of respect. It is vital that employees know they are valued at work to keep them. The best job sites have an inclusive culture, with leadership that encourages workers to challenge each other and themselves to be the best they can be every day. The big player in the retention game is the sense of pride.

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