Innovative Technology: How can construction bridge the skilled labor gap?

January 17, 2022

Construction has historically been thought of as a low-tech, manual labor field. This could not be further from the truth. Lack of awareness about skilled roles in construction leads many to make wrong assumptions. The use of innovative technology will help attract workers to bridge the skilled labour gap.

How is technology reshaping construction?

STEM degrees grew by 68% from 2010 to 2018 alone, but the construction sector has not seen the proportional influx of skilled workers. The infrastructure bill is poised to inject capital into the industry and companies that aren’t able to attract skilled workers to execute these projects may lose out. Because of this, we are likely to see further development of automation and innovative technology that is reshaping construction as we know it.

Cutting-edge technologies

Today’s brightest STEM minds value a workplace that cares about larger issues like climate change, vacation and maternal/paternal leave. They’re also looking to work on the cutting edge of technology.

Artificial Intelligence

By using machine learning processes, software can analyze job site photos and identify risks and safety violations. Machine learning software can identify inefficiencies and propose more effective timelines. Because machine learning software can learn over time, it can improve building design aspects by exploring hundreds of variations

Augmented Reality

By using a mobile device with AR capabilities, construction professionals can look at a job site with additional information laid directly on top of the picture. AR technology can help construction workers accurately follow building plans.  By recognizing hazards in the environment, augmented reality devices can display real-time safety information to workers.


Small, camera-mounted flying drones can reduce the costs of processes that used to be very expensive. Aerial drones survey large amounts of land quickly, reducing mapping costs by as much as 95%. Drones also have implications for progress reports, personnel safety and building inspections. Purchased or rented equipment can quickly get misplaced on a vast job site, but drones can automatically keep track of all equipment on site.

3D printing

3D printing is likely to have a huge impact on construction in the coming years. Though it is still in its infancy for large-scale construction projects, entire houses have already been printed using this technology. Compared to traditional buildings, a 3D-printed structure can emerge in its entirety within a few days. Once a 3D printer receives a design, it renders it perfectly in the physical world, eliminating costly errors.

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