Discover top digital transformation strategies for construction companies

August 17, 2022

Thriving in a digital economy requires becoming a digital business. There are numerous benefits for construction companies looking to develop digital transformation strategies. Identifying and adopting valuable digital tools can boost sustained growth. It can also help attract younger workers to the industry by creating more jobs requiring tech skills.

What is digital transformation? 

The construction industry has been one of the least-digitized industries globally. Embracing digital solutions to solve construction industry challenges is the future. Digital transformation is a company-wide undertaking. Below are the five best strategies to successfully digitize analog tasks in construction companies.

Three ingredients for successful digital transformation 

1. Having clear goals

2. Developing a strategy

3. Execution

# 1 Focus on fixing pain points

Companies should identify operational changes to improve performance instead of chasing technology trends. A tech-first approach can lead to digital solutions failing to deliver visible benefits. Instead, after identifying needed changes, companies can define digital use cases that will enable those operational improvements.

# 2 Promote collaboration

Companies should develop digital solutions that involve multiple disciplines and groups in the organization to smooth the interactions among them. Such solutions stem efficiency losses that occur when information isn’t transmitted effectively. 

# 3 Streamline the user experience

Companies should find out what kind of services are in demand and what digital solutions are required to improve user experience. For instance, companies can determine customer trends and preferences by:

  • running surveys  
  • using behavioural analytics tools
  • telematics
  • process mining

# 4 Minimize the cost of technology legacy

Companies must thoroughly understand existing trends and their potential impact on market dynamics. For example, some applications will become obsolete within a decade because technology is improving rapidly. Here are some tips on how to stay on top of current events in technology:

  • Follow conferences
  • Monitor competitors’ technology investments.
  • Determine the ROI of new technology investments
  • Follow emerging technology trends and their potential impact on your industry and markets.

# 5 Create a corporate culture that allows for change 

Company culture can be a significant enabler for successful digital transformation strategies. Companies have to make effective use of the workforce by adopting values such as:

  • Hypothesizing, testing, and proceeding
  • Increasing workers’ contribution
  • open-mindedness when searching for more effective methods

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