5 strategies construction executives need to know to improve employee engagement

June 24, 2022

Employee Engagement is defined as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace. In the U.S, only 35% of employees can be considered as ‘engaged’. This type of enthusiastic worker is more productive and will deliver better results for your team as a construction executive. I am going to share with you interesting ways you can make your employees more engaged.

It’s time to get to know your employees

Building relationships with your staff is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. As an executive it is your role to know members of your team well. Know them as people and find out what makes each member tick. Start by finding out their names, their family life and what motivates them. This way you will understand where they fit in your team and how they can shine, with your guidance.

Acknowledge their contributions  

You do not want your workers to feel like they are not recognised for their efforts. Make sure that every team member knows where they fit in and what value they bring to the team. This tactic can be used effectively for team building. The executive can use their creativity to illustrate to employees how they impact other team member as well as the company. This is bound to strengthen employee engagement.

Work-life balance should be part of company culture

Time is valuable, especially for your employees. Giving them perks like Paid time off (PTO) and flexible working hours will keep them from burning out. Small gestures like longer lunch breaks will give your team members a sense of being valued members of a well-oiled machine. Remote work is becoming increasingly popular; ‘engaged’ workers will be effective working from the office or from home.

Mentorship as a way keep to your employees engaged

Utilise your leadership skills to offer guidance to your staff. Communicating, listening and teaching are the crucial components of effective mentoring. As a construction executive you are best qualified to offer guidance and mentorship to your ambitious employees. You can empower them and instil in them a sense of confidence. This adds value and keeps your workers enthusiastic about working under you.

Give them the opportunity to grow

When an employee feels like they have hit a glass ceiling, they become complacent or they leave. As a leader, you should keep track of your team members’ progress. Offering more responsibility as they improve their skillset is effective. Create space for employees to grow within the team and the company. A growth oriented approach will do wonders for employee engagement.

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