4 top tips on how to perfect your construction executive role resume

May 26, 2022

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for construction managers was $98,890 per year in 2021. Due to the lucrative annual salaries of executive positions in construction, there is stiff competition on the job-search market. A quality accomplishment-driven resume will help you land your dream job. Below are four tips on how to make your executive job resume stand out and shine.

Your resume must be professionally written and job-specific

The job listing should guide you to decide which of your management skills and related achievements you should emphasize on your resume. You should strive to demonstrate your ability to lead, motivate, and organize. You may include:

  • your management philosophy
  • examples of accomplishments
  • quotes from others regarding your management skills
  • work history

It is important to take the time to edit and correct your resume and cover letter.

List your specific management skills

Management skills to highlight in your executive job resume should include:

  • planning
  • organizing
  • coordinating
  • directing
  • leadership
  • oversight

To showcase your management skills, list them in a dedicated section or table at the beginning of your resume.

Explore different resume formats and templates

The format of your resume will be determined by:

  • your level of management experience
  • your work history
  • your industry

Some of the most common resume formats include:

  • chronological Resume which lists experience in order from most recent to oldest;
  • resume with skills-section which includes both hard and soft skills;
  • targeted resume which focuses on matching your skills and experience to the job listing;
  • resume with Summary of Qualifications which emphasizes why you are a strong, qualified applicant.

Use action verbs

Most of the language you use in your executive job resume should be active, which means describing what you yourself have done. Passive language would be describing what happened to you. Useful action verbs that demonstrate leadership skills include:

  • initiated
  • directed
  • innovate
  • motivated
  • dominated
  • influenced

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