4 positive changes to expect in the workplace in construction in 2022

February 10, 2022

There were 10.4 million job openings as of August 2021. Of those unfilled positions, 350,000 are in the construction industry. There are 7.7 million people officially unemployed and looking for work to fill those positions. With more jobs than people, companies have to shift how they attract and retain talent. Here are some of the exciting changes to look forward to in construction in 2022.

Creation of opportunities for underrepresented groups

Construction companies have to make cultural shifts in order to make workers feel welcome and valued. There is a drive aimed at attracting new workers to the industry, regardless of their gender or cultural background. A welcoming culture at the workplace is key to talent retention. In 2022 emphasis is being placed on creating opportunities for underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities.

The remote-work revolution

Because of the pandemic and talent shortage, conventional workplaces are being forced to be flexible. Remote work has proven that work can get done despite the change in the way employees work. We can expect to see more flexible schedules in the workplace. According to consulting firm Robert Half, 41% of managers allow employees to set their own hours. 27% of managers don’t mind if employees put in fewer than 40 hours a week if they finish their work.

Coaching has been shown to increase engagement and productivity

Over the past two years managers have been exposed to the human side of their employees because of the pandemic. This has created flexibility and informality in the workplace. Performance assessment should shift more to empowerment brought about by coaching. According to a report from Forrester Coaching empowers employees, empowerment drives engagement, and engagement drives performance. This is good news if you are considering a career in construction in 2022.

To keep their employees engaged and for the sake of retention, companies need effective learning programs. Gamifying the learning process at work is effective. When employees focus harder for shorter periods, it is more engaging. People crave learning and micro-learning has become very popular.

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