4 exciting executive roles in construction with amazing advancement potential

May 12, 2022

The most important job of a construction executive is to act as a leader. This entails determining which people take on which projects, resolving conflicts and disciplining or reassigning staff members. They are also the primary client contact, responsible for managing client expectations. Below are four of the top executive roles in construction and what is required for you to land your desired job.

Construction Engineer

The construction engineer is in charge of:

  • Site planning and layout
  • Cost estimating
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Management
  • Materials procurement
  • Equipment selection
  • Cost control
  • Quality management

Construction engineers must possess a strong knowledge of engineering and management principles. Students who wish to pursue a career as a construction engineer should concentrate on math and science courses. A bachelor’s degree is required for such executive roles. Construction engineers frequently advance to become the chief operating officer of companies.  

Management Information Systems Manager

MIS Manager’s duties are:

  • Effective utilization of computer technology in the organization
  • Leading the planning process for future acquisition and utilization of computer hardware and software
  • Providing leadership, direction and control of the MIS function with budget and staffing responsibility

You must have a college degree for these types of executive roles, but it is possible for an individual to work their way up through the organization. Managers of computer systems may advance to the Vice President level of the organization.

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is responsible for:

  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Sales and client service

A college degree and excellent writing and public speaking skills are an advantage for these kinds of executive roles. Marketing managers often have the title of Vice President and their income is usually among the top two or three in the company. They often advance to become chief executive officers.

Chief Financial Officer

Duties are:

  • Directing and coordinating the financial objectives and obligations inside and outside of the company.
  • Maintaining a financially solvent organization.
  • Establishing and maintaining sound business relationships with banking/lending institutions
  • Working with the senior or Chief Accountant in directing and coordinating company finances.

These executive roles typically require a four-year college degree in Accounting. Advanced degrees such as a Masters of Business Administration would be an advantage. The Chief Financial Officer is usually considered one of the top officers in a construction company. CFOs are always considered prime candidates for other top management positions, including the presidency.

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