3 exciting construction podcasts to keep professionals motivated in 2022

March 23, 2022

Do you want to stay up-to-date on industry news and operations? Perhaps you want to make your daily commute less monotonous, or are looking for a basic introduction to the industry. Below you will discover construction podcast examples that help listeners navigate the latest technology and opportunities the industry has to offer. It is time to grab your headphones and be entertained and inspired.

The ConTechCrew Construction Podcast

The ConTechCrew helps construction companies improve by using technology. This innovative construction podcast on technology is hosted by James Benham, Josh Bone, Jeff Sample, and Rob McKinney. Each week, the panel interviews innovators in construction software, 3D printing, laser scanning, apps for construction, robotics, and other breakthroughs in technology.

Where to listen to the podcast: Apple podcasts / Spreaker / Spotify

A Viewpoint On Construction

If you are a finance, accounting or operations professional in the construction industry, this podcast is for you. The host, Wayne Newitts, heads up discussions with industry leaders and analysts. Topics include market forces, themes, and best practices that are shaping the industry.

Where to listen to the podcast: Apple podcasts

The Art Of Construction

The host Devon Tilley, has a background in both commercial and residential building. On the podcast, he interviews entrepreneurs and owners in the design and building industry. Devon shares advice for growing a business with links to products, promotions, and other helpful sites. The podcast is ideal for business owners and construction entrepreneurs. It is one of the best construction podcasts out there.

Where to listen to the podcast: Apple podcasts / Spotify / Stitcher

Kaufman Search & Consulting

Kaufman Search & Consulting works with leading contractors and top-level talent throughout the country, building teams for tomorrow’s projects one perfect fit at a time. We use extensive know-how and our solid relationships with key decision makers at our client companies to elevate your executive career in construction.

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