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How excellent communication and interpersonal skills can boost workplace productivity

Whether you are an executive or looking to start a career in construction, Communication and interpersonal skills are invaluable. In fact, according to studies, these soft skills boost productivity and foster talent retention.

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How to find the best construction podcasts for industry executives in 2022

How to find the best podcasts? Whether you are interested in the latest technological innovations or want to stay abreast with engineering trends, this article will point you in the right direction and show you what construction podcasts are best for you.

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Discover top digital transformation strategies for construction companies

Thriving in a digital economy requires becoming a digital business. There are numerous benefits for construction firms developing digital transformation strategies. Identifying and adopting valuable digital tools boost sustained growth.

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3 non-monetary actions employers can take when recruiting talent

Under rising inflation and a tight labor market, 64% of US companies plan to increase salary budgets for 2023. There are more open jobs than people to fill them – employers need to be more inventive in attracting and retaining talent.

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Five interesting employee personas in the talent pool that recruiters can target

The construction industry is still feeling the effects of the labour shortage. To fill these positions, industry executives must understand how to recruit particular employee personas and what motivates employees to leave or stay.

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5 strategies construction executives need to know to improve employee engagement

In the US, only 35% of employees can be considered engaged. An enthusiastic worker is more productive and will deliver better results for your team. I am going to share with you interesting ways you can make your employees more engaged.

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6 top secrets to becoming an effective executive: useful construction management skills

Having the right construction management skills can help you impress hiring managers in your job search. You need to know these skills. Both technical skills and soft skills can help you in your endeavour to get hired and effectively complete your duties.

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4 top tips on how to perfect your construction executive role resume

Due to the lucrative annual salaries of executive positions in construction, there is stiff competition on the job-search market. A quality accomplishment-driven resume will help you land your dream job. Below are four tips on how to make your executive job resume stand out.

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4 exciting executive roles in construction with amazing advancement potential

The most important job of a construction executive is to act as a leader. They are also the primary client contact, responsible for managing client expectations. Read about four of the top executive roles in construction and how to land your desired job.

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How the new Girl Scout patch is inspiring girls’ early interest in construction

To empower girls to explore careers in construction, the Girl Scouts and the National Association of Homebuilders have created a new patch. The program helps girls build self-esteem and develop skills through curiosity and hands-on activities.